I’m still alive, guys. I’ve been extremely busy with my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and haven’t had much time to work on music. I did find some time a couple days ago to finish a rough draft of the Ending theme from Super Metroid (see the SoundCloud player below). For more Metroid music, see the end of the post.

I’m hoping to replace our flash players with something a bit more modern. Flash is very slow and doesn’t work well on smartphones. What do you think of this player?

That song is “Sub-Zero” by Emunator and Ergosonic, a remix of Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime. Available free here.

I would also love to make a nice mobile version of the website, but I don’t have the time to figure it out. If you know anyone, or you’re a web developer, who would do a great job (for free or for less than $50) please email me (will.a.pisani at gmail.com).

To help satisfy your hunger for awesome Metroid music, here are a few suggestions:

Until next time,

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