It seems we’re going to be updating on Tuesdays now. We’re still a pretty new site and all, so please be patient as we continue to get settled in and all that! 🙂 News of MREO is continuing to spread, and we’re happy to see the reactions we’re getting. All may reactions may not be good, but we can’t let those drag us down! We’re striving to get the best we can up for you all to enjoy, as well as to make as good impression as we can on newer fans!

That aside, we will have a new track for you soon! (Thursday at the latest.) This one took a little longer than expected, and we’ll edit this post when we have it ready. We apologize for the extra wait, and we’ll get up the new track as soon as we’re able to. What is the track, though? You’ll have to wait and see. 😛

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