Come one, come all to the release of Metroid Reorchestrated! :O What is Metroid Reorchestrated exactly? Metroid Reorchestrated is a site dedicated to making re-orchestrations of the music that originates from games in the Metroid series that is by Nintendo. We’re only getting started, so not everything may be working correctly, but don’t worry, everything should be working soon. 🙂

In honor of our release, we have three songs that you can listen to on our Listen page. If you like the work you find on the listen page, you are welcome to download them on our Download page! And don’t worry fiddling with Rapidshare or Megaupload, all downloads come directly from us, right here at

This update includes the following three songs

From the game Metroid, we have:
1 –Metroid Title Theme – by Skotein

From Metroid Prime, we have:
15 – Magmoor Caverns -courtesy of Dark Link
39 – Enter Samus Fanfare – by Skotein

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