Like the title says, we have four pieces of music in various states of production that will be coming soon to a planet near you. I had originally planned to release the finished version of the Metroid II Credits work in progress that I had posted on our Facebook page (“like” our Facebook page to get access to special content, like WIP), but due to some complications in arrangement and rendering, it won’t be ready for a while. It will be well worth the wait, though.

Metroid Reorchestrated will be getting a much needed boost in musical firepower next week in the form of East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition. Since a long fancy name doesn’t really convey the pure awesomeness of this sample library, I have included a song from the demo page: Morning Adventure by Denny Schneidemesser. Click here for more demos.

In site news, the archive works now, but our commenting system is no longer working for some reason. We are currently looking into this issue and hope to have commenting functionality back online soon.




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