Sam Dillard has released a new album: “Metroid Cinematica”! It is without a doubt the best Metroid album I have ever heard!! The instruments are so realistic I don’t think a professional orchestra could do a better job. The soundscapes of the arrangements absolutely ooze Metroid. While listening through the album, I was constantly recalling memories of each game. The quality of this album is where I envisioned Metroid Reorchestrated going. The goal of MREO is to transform the amazing songs of the Metroid franchise into orchestral masterpieces. Sam Dillard has achieved that goal; each and every song in his album is an orchestral masterpiece.

I strongly urge you to check out Sam Dillard’s “Metroid Cinematica”. It is available on Loudr, Google Play, and iTunes. If you like what you hear and are financially able, please purchase his album. Excellent composers ought to be compensated for their efforts so that they can continue to release magnificent albums. If you are not financially able, you can still listen to his album on Spotify. Below you will find a trailer for “Metroid Cinematica”.

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