Hey guys! As promised, the full-length pieces heard in the teaser have been released for your aural enjoyment. They are: Entrance (Metroid), Brinstar (Metroid), and Lower Norfair Redux (Super Metroid). Enjoy!

Entrance (Metroid)

Brinstar (Metroid)

Lower Norfair Redux (Super Metroid)

I would say that Lower Norfair Redux is our first true redux as the jump in quality is almost palpable. There are two reasons for that leap: Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 and Reaper. Before I purchased GPO4 in October of 2010 I had been using the Garritan sounds included with Finale 2010 (most of which is downright awful)  for all of my pieces. The first song to utilize the GPO4 library was the ending theme redux from Metroid. As you can hear, GPO4 is quite a step up from the Finale samples. Finale is a fantastic tool for putting notes on a page and arranging them, but it flounders when it comes to making the song sound just right. Reaper allows me to refine and master the music in a way that Finale could never do.

Our newest staff member, Draconic, was instrumental in helping Lower Norfair Redux reach its full potential; Draconic will be an invaluable part of the team as Musical Advisor.

From here on out, every piece we release will be of the same quality as Lower Norfair Redux, if not better. In the coming months we will be working to bring every piece released thus far to our new standard of quality. To meet that goal we will need the greatest people in the world to give us feedback: you, the fans. Your feedback is vital to our success, not only does it allow us to improve upon our pieces, but it tells us which direction we should go. Whether it is about the music, the website, or our facebook page, any and all feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.

In other news, the download and listen pages will be completely up to date as of this post. Also, as you can see, there is a facebook like box on the right hand side of our site.

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