Hi everybody! We most sincerely apologize for the month long hiatus here. Some things had come up and we needed to get some things together. We all are deeply sorry for it, and are looking forward to providing the best we can. 🙂 Awareness of MREO is spreading, and we’ve even had a mention on the front page of Metroid Database!

Might we add one more thing, however. I don’t think we ever said this in any of the other updates, but if you are interested in joining the project, please do not hesitate to drop one of us an email! (They can be found in the staff page.) Thanks for being fans and listening!

Lastly, we finally have a new track this week. It’s not what we were planning on releasing about a month ago, but oh well. As long as we’re getting these excellent tracks made, all is good! This one comes from Light_of_Aether:

21 – Lower Norfair

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