Shinesparkers recently released Harmony of a Hunter, an album celebrating Metroid’s 25th anniversary. It is absolutely fantastic! If you haven’t already, go check it out now! My favorite pieces are “Path of Ruin” by Darkesword, “Lone Star” by Pyro Paper Planes, “Frozen Utopia” by Mesmonium, and “What’s Past is Prologue” by Theophany. A preview of the album is below.

Theophany, along with contributing two tracks to Harmony of a Hunter, released his own anniversary album titled Crystal Flash. This ethereal, haunting Metroid album is a tribute to Avien, an Overclocked ReMix artist who passed away in 2004.

We have a forum dedicated to MREO over at the NSider2 forums. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything MREO, you can do it there (as well as here on our comments or on our facebook page).

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