FLAC and WAV versions of some of our music. Enjoy!

Just click to download (if that doesn’t work, right-click and select “Save link as…”)

Song Game Format
Brinstar Metroid FLAC
Entrance Metroid FLAC
Lower Norfair Redux Super Metroid FLAC
Get Item Theme Redux Metroid Prime WAV
Chozo Artifact Temple Metroid Prime FLAC/WAV
Item Room Metroid FLAC/WAV
Ending Redux Version 2 Metroid FLAC/WAV
Upgrade Metroid FLAC/WAV
Upper Brinstar Redux Super Metroid FLAC/WAV
Title Theme Redux Metroid Prime 2: Echoes FLAC/WAV
Lower Brinstar Super Metroid FLAC/WAV
Phendrana Drifts Redux Metroid Prime FLAC/WAV
Upper Maridia Super Metroid FLAC/WAV
Title Theme Metroid Prime 3: Corruption FLAC/WAV