MREO (Metroid Reorchestrated) was based off of ZREO (Zelda Reorchestrated), and would never have been possible without their constant, and exceedingly friendly, support.

MREO Debut Trailer

This awesomesaucetastic debut trailer
was wonderfully made by Pelord!

MREO’s goal is similar to that of ZREO: take the music from the Metroid series, renowned for it’s amazing music, and transform these amazing songs into orchestral masterpieces.

The idea for MREO (this time, at least) was conceived by Gamemaster1379 in July of 2009. He talked it over with multiple friends. One of them, Eric (Zervic119), agreed to help. Not long thereafter the idea started to make its way to a reality. This was largely due to the many resources they had at hand. Both are Administrators at the Nintendo NSider2 Forums, which granted them access to various resources, such as a skilled graphics team, a place to host the MREO boards, and various skilled individuals who granted a lot of their own time to help make the site a success. One of these being LF, a skilled Web Designer, responsible for the great layout this website has.

When work on MREO first began, little outside of the MREO community knew about it. On the NSider2 Forums, it was announced to the public as Project Zero, and further details were kept from them while releasing occasional hints, to help build up hype. Project Zero was named after Metroid: Zero Mission, and the similarities between its name and ZREO’s name were merely coincidental.