Today marks the 25th anniversary of Metroid!  In celebration, we are releasing four songs: Environmental Tension from Metroid Fusion, Item Room/Bridge from Metroid, Tourian from Metroid, and Ending Redux Version 2 from Metroid. Enjoy!

Environmental Tension

Item Room/Bridge


Ending Redux Version 2

We have a new staff member: Nyte Hisagi! He is joining the MREO Team as Reorchestrator and Online Activities Director.


A while ago we asked the fans which direction we should go musically. The majority of them answered: “Finish the Metroid album”.

And so we shall.

The album will most likely be completed by the end of this year. There are five songs left to be reorchestrated: Ridley, Kraid, Mother Brain, Norfair, and the Get Item theme. We will release each of these songs as soon as they are finished. Once those five are finished, we may remaster some songs so the album is as consistent as possible.


Here is one last tidbit of information regarding the Metroid album: we will be producing a high-quality physical CD of the album, most likely priced at the cost of production. More details to come.

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